Invest in a Great System to Keep Dementia and Alzheimer Patients Safe

Wandering Alert Systems are recommended for residents who require monitoring in places such as hospitals or nursing homes. Some medical conditions increase the risk for a resident or patient to wander such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Because of these conditions the person afflicted with them can be unaware of what they are doing and could possibly injure themselves.  Wandering Alert Systems can help with monitoring residents and alert a caregiver when they wander. For more information about Wandering Alert Systems, contact Smithmyer’s Electronics at (814) 946-9380.

When A Resident Wanders, A Caregiver Will be Automatically Notified

With many Wandering Alert System wireless sensors are placed on doors and in hallways to detect when a patient wanders to a location that may become unsafe for them. When the wireless sensors detects movement an alarm will go off and the caregiver will be notified of the situation. With the assistance of a wandering alert system, patients with dementia can be kept safe from harm.

We Will Help Find the Right Wandering Alert System for Your Loved Ones

When looking for a wandering alert system, Smithmyer’s Electronics, Inc. will assist you in finding the exact products you need. Our advanced wandering alert systems can keep track of patients or residents 24/7. Family members can also have a peace of mind that their loved ones will be protected even when they are not watching.

Smithmyer’s Electronics, Inc. Works with Many Reliable Companies

Smithmyer’s Electronics, Inc. works with many reliable companies who design their wandering alert systems with many important features to assist in monitoring the patients or residents who need it. With many great components  included in our wandering alert systems taking care of a resident is easier. At Smithmyer’s Electronics, Inc., we make sure that each system includes status lights, security locks, ease of use, and reliable operation. 

Contact Our Experts for Great Services and Products in Altoona, PA

If you are looking to install, replace or just looking for more information about a wandering alert system, Smithmyer’s Electronics, Inc. is the expert you can trust in Altoona, PA. Our professionals can help you find what you are looking for and get the right wandering alert system for your situation. Whether it is for a nursing home, hospital or in your own home we will make sure you get only the best equipment available. When you purchase a wandering alert system you will also get great customer service from Smithmyer’s Electronics, Inc, and will get assistance with your equipment whenever you need it.