An Intercom System Can be a Great Option for Any Home or Business

Intercom systems or door phone systems are commonly used in homes, apartment buildings, and different commercial buildings such as offices for communicating. An intercom system can add security to any property, as it allows visitors to be identified before they enter a building or home. An intercom system within a building can allow for quick two-way communication between different areas. When you increase the security of your business or home, both your employees and your loved ones will feel safer.

Combine Your Intercom System with Other Great Security Equipment

Smithmyer’s Electronics, Inc. can meet all of your security needs by providing intercom systems that can be combined with other security features such as CCTV and door access control. With over 40 years of experience and knowledge, we can help find the right intercom system for each of our clients that fits their type of property. For information about intercom systems and door access control systems, contact Smithmyer’s Electronics, Inc. at (814) 946-9380.

Keep Track of Visitors with An Intercom System and Door Access Control

Without an intercom and door access control system, anyone can walk into your business. Unwanted visitors on your property can be a liability issue and potentially cause harm to your employees. With an integrated intercom and door access control system from DSX, employers can control who has access to certain entrances with electronic lock or key options. This can help businesses keep unauthorized visitors out and keep employees safe from any possible threats. 

Know Who is Trying to Enter Your Home Before Opening the Door

Installing an intercom system to the front door of a home can also help homeowners see who is outside before opening the door. With today’s modern home intercom systems you can listen to audio and view video with clarity of who is standing at the door. The installation of an intercom system in your home is easy and requires little wiring, and with some models there is the option to go wireless. Intercom door systems are also a great option for apartment buildings and other multi-tenant buildings.

Intercoms come in a variety of different forms such as:



Two-way Radio
Security systems
And More